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Taking care of our primates

Our keepers are divided into different categories:

Veterinary team is composed of three amazing vets who work day and night if necessary to assure the health of the animals in our care.

With an amazing team of dedicated
chimpanzee caregivers, we can be sure that our residents are receiving the best possible care. Some of this team focus fully on the adult and juvenile chimpanzees, while others have been trained to look after our infants, who receive 24-hour care.
Our team of
monkey caregivers has been hand-picked based on their interest in the many different species of monkeys housed at the sanctuary. Each caregiver is particularly skilled when it comes to handling these residents and reading their behavior and moods. 

The CRPL's team of
cooks, buyers, and domestic helpers ensure that the resident chimpanzees and monkeys - and CRPL staff! - receive a varied, healthy, and interesting diet. They are responsible for purchasing all produce from local farmers and for preparing the six meals per day our non-human primates receive (human residents have to make do with three meals per day). 

Lwiro Primates has an amazing team of 58 workers who take care of our primates with love and respect. Without them, CRPL would not be here. 

Some of the workers have been in the project since the first chimpanzee arrived in 2002!

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