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Lwiro Primates' partners are imperative to the survival of the sanctuary. Each partner brings their own unique strength and supports the sanctuary in varying ways. 


The Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature is one of the two founders of the CRPL. Being the government authority responsible for the protection of the National Parks, the ICCN is also responsible for wildlife law enforcement in the country. The ICCN and CRPL have a very close and productive relationship and work together to ensure the survival of the CRPL and the continued high quality of care for all resident animals. 


The Centre de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles (CRSN) is the second government authority responsible for the CRPL, along with the ICCN. The CRSN is a scientific research station which covers all aspects of natural sciences from meteorology, geology, veterinary medicine and much more. This institution is incredibly important to Congo's research abilities and is also the major employer of the South Kivu Province. 


Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance is a non profit organization officially registered in USA with 501(c) status (EIN 81-232 7448). 

CRPL become part of ICWCA family in 2016. ICWCA works to provide what conservationist in the frontline need to carry on with their important task, supporting several projects in different countries and with different species in Africa. 



Coopera is a Spanish NGO created in 1994, for Cooperation and Development projects. Coopera arrived to Lwiro in 2006 to provide economical and technical support. Since then, Coopera has been the representative for the international NGOs whiling to help CRPL. 


SOS Primates is a non-profit organization based in Spain and its main objectives are:

- Distribute information on the biology, ethology and conservation status of primates
- Create awareness of the threats facing primates in their habitats
- Raise awareness of the welfare of primates in captivity and help to improve unsuitable situations
- Spreading the work of primate rescue centres worldwide and collaborate on their work through specific campaigns

This organization consists of a multidisciplinary team of committed people working in the fields of primatology, animal welfare and conservation. Most have worked and volunteered to primate rescue centers in different countries, knowing firsthand the situation facing this group of animals. In order to raise awareness of these issues and support a project involved in the conservation of these species, currently SOS Primates is dedicated to supporting the Centre de Rehabilitation des Primates de Lwiro.


​Venner av Lwiro (Friends of Lwiro Norway) Is a volunteer non-profit organization officially registered in Norway with the number: 991472274. It was founded in 2007 specifically to help the CRPL. It is run by a committee of people, all dedicated to help the CRPL.

Venner av Lwiro wishes to spread awareness about CRPL and protection of the Congolese rainforest and it's animals. VAL supports CRPL with financial contributions and also with the long-term commitment of providing experienced staff on the ground in the DRC. 


Friends of LWIRO Australia is a committee of passionate volunteers who care about the protection of the world's wildlife. The committee believes that together we hold the future of this planet in our hands. It will take concern, care and most importantly action from many across the globe to make sure that places as special and unique as the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the wildlife that it supports, remain an essential and lasting part of our world’s future.

Friends of LWIRO Australia raise funds and awareness for the Centre for Primate Rehabilitation of LWIRO (CRPL) and its community. It is about how we can  'share the forest' - protecting both wildlife’s' rights to habitat and local communities' ability to make a living and survive.

 Friends of LWIRO Australia has supported the CRPL since 2007.

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